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It's March Madness! Support FHS Lax and have some fun at  the same time!


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“Maybe your bracket was tanked by favorites that did not live up to your expectations? Maybe you do not want to sit out the rest of the tourney? Maybe you want to win your money back? Maybe you want to win your money back and win more of my money too? Maybe you have a perfect bracket and it’s not enough to win there, you must win the Foothill Lax Sweet Sixteen reboot challenge too?


Pool donation is just $20 (link below to play)


$20 to play. Thank you for your donation. 


50 percent will go to prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Any ties will split the proceeds. 50 percent goes to FHS boosters.

1st – 25 percent

2nd – 15 percent

3rd – 10 percent

The Foothill Reboot Challenge is 100 percent bragging rights eligible.


All rights reserved. 2022 FHS Lax Reboot. “

1. Register using the link above (don't click on ads and auxiliary links)

2. Donate $20 to FHS lax so your bracket counts (other link above)
3. Encourage all your friends to play along! Cash prizes!
4. Trash talk is highly encouraged

march madness.jpg
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